All You Need to Know About Transitional Kitchens

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All You Need to Know About Transitional Kitchens

If you are someone who is planning a kitchen renovation or simply someone who gets excited about the latest trends in home decor, you have to check this out! 

Transitional kitchens are the latest talk of the town in the decor industry and people in the design circles are certainly all praises for it. But what are these transitional kitchens? And what makes them so popular? 

Here Custom Decor simplifies the concept of transitional kitchens in this quick blog.

What are Transitional Kitchens?

Transitional kitchen designs are essentially a hybrid of modern and traditional kitchens that seek to combine the best of both worlds. They carry the warm and homey vibe of a traditional setting while simultaneously incorporating the order and efficiency of a modern kitchen. The amount of ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ in a given kitchen style is flexible and can be altered to suit the unique needs of a given homeowner.

Style Hallmarks of a Transitional Kitchen

Some standard style hallmarks of transitional kitchens are:

  • A Combination of Natural and Manufactured Materials

  • A typical transitional kitchen features a variety of natural as well as manufactured materials in different parts. For example, a kitchen like this would have wooden cabinets with concrete floors, or, say, marble counters. In this manner, a variety of materials come into play to orchestrate a complete, harmonious kitchen space.

  • Subtle Color Palette 

  • Transitional kitchens are all about a neutral, subtle look as far as the use of colors is concerned. While they can have a statement pop of color in specific spaces to compliment the overall laid-back look, the general appearance of the kitchen is more in shades of brown, white, or grey. 

  • Minimalist Approach to Cabinetry

  • There are several statements and complimentary pieces in a transitional kitchen, one is cabinetry. The usual theme for cabinets in a transitional kitchen is minimalistic. It is best to steer clear from going with intricate designs like in a traditional kitchen or the modernized look of a new-day kitchen. 

    To maintain a balance, one can make their cabinets based on the latest designs but replace the modern materials of glass or lacquer with wood to maintain a warm, traditional look.

  • Texture is Welcome

  • Using a neutral palette doesn’t mean that transitional kitchens have to be plain! Decorators often combine a variety of different textures and tones to harness the charm of the shades that they use. 

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