Benjamin Moore Paint Can Spruce Up Your Decks and Doors

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Benjamin Moore Paint Can Spruce Up Your Decks and Doors

If you're looking to make your home's exterior look even more inviting from the street, updating your doors or decks can be a great way to do it. With Benjamin Moore paint and stains from Custom Decor, your exterior can be better than ever!

Repainting Your Doors with Benjamin Moore Paint

As the entry point into your house, the first thing any visitor will notice is your door. Because they'll be getting up close, even minor problems with the paint will be visible. This means it is always important to keep your exterior doors looking great with fresh coats of paint.

Repainting your doors with a new color is also a good way to give your home a new look, without having to repaint the entire facade. You might be surprised at how different your home looks, just from having the doors repainted.

We recommend getting some paint chips and attaching them to your door for a day or two. You want to see how the paint looks at all times of day - particularly dawn, noon, dusk, and at night. Once you find the right color for your door, Benjamin Moore paints will ensure it looks great for years to come!

Upgrading Your Deck with Benjamin Moore Stain

The color of a deck isn't as important as the color of your doors - but its ability to stand up to the elements is extremely important! If your deck hasn't been stained lately, it's probably taking a lot of damage from sunlight and weather, not to mention daily use.

Benjamin Moore stains are long-lasting and capable of keeping your deck looking new for a long time, no matter how harsh the weather is. You can choose between colored stains or transparent stains that preserve the natural look of your deck. For those who live in particularly challenging environments, you might even want to look at solid stains - they act like paint but bring an extra level of protection against the elements.

If you are going to re-stain your deck, remember that it needs to be extremely clean to create a good finish! Give the deck a good wash beforehand, and let it dry thoroughly. If there are any areas with deep-set stains or grime, using sandpaper can help get them out. Then the surface will be ready for a new stain.

For the Best in Benjamin Moore Products, Come to Custom Decor

For over forty years, Custom Decor has provided great paints and stains to the Brockville area, along with options in flooring and more. To learn about how we can help improve the look of your home, contact us today for a free estimate!