Choosing The Right Bathroom Vanities In Brockville

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Choosing The Right Bathroom Vanities In Brockville

There's a very simple rule that ought to be followed by anyone choosing bathroom vanities in Brockville. It is always the size of the bathroom that dictates the vanity that works best for it. Here are a few ideas that can help you combine style with function.

Vanities for the Powder Room

This is traditionally a small space that doesn't require shampoos or bath towels, so a small vanity that holds one sink with a minimal countertop should be more than enough, leaving you with enough space for a toilet. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style because smaller vanities now come in a variety of designs to match any aspect of your decor. Consider a pedestal sink too, for how it affects space.

Guest bathrooms

This is tricky because you can't always predict who will use this bathroom: teenagers, for instance, or children. All you should keep in mind is that the vanity here should be able to hold bathing essentials as well as limit the amount of clutter. Consider drawers instead of cabinets under the sink, or choose a large vanity that can hold two sinks. You can also incorporate storage places for cosmetics and hair dryers.

For the master bathroom

Given the importance of this room, it is important to consider storage and functionality along with style. Bathrooms in Brockville now use vanities with two sinks for this space, with plenty of storage. A floating vanity is also an option, for the illusion of space.

Don't forget lighting

Bathroom vanities can instantly get a different look with a simple change of lighting. Consider where the lighting fixture is and how it is affecting the bathroom. Also, see how using sconces or mirrors can change the look of the space, or how playing with the light source by moving it lower or higher can affect the ambiance. Another thing to think about is how much light is too much, for a bathroom or powder room.

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