Hardwood Flooring Is Good for Your Home & Your Health

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Hardwood Flooring Is Good for Your Home & Your Health

Everyone knows that hardwood floors are beautiful, long-lasting, and give your home a timeless look which will never go out of style.  However, the benefits to hardwood flooring don't end there!  Hardwood floors bring numerous benefits to your lifestyle as well, including benefits to your health.

If you're looking to stay happy and healthy in a beautiful home, hardwood flooring is definitely the way to go.

Three Surprising Health Benefits from Hardwood Flooring

  • Remove allergens from your home

One of the biggest problems with carpeting is that carpets are a magnet for pollen, dust, pet dander, and numerous other substances which people are allergic to.  With so much surface area to grab onto, and so many little deep-down recesses to hide in, allergens can consistently hide in carpets - often outlasting even dedicated vacuuming! Sometimes, all vacuuming does is stir them up, rather than making them go away.

With hardwood, this simply isn't an issue.  Hardwood is easily cleaned and gives allergens no place to stay.  Plus, of course, the hardwood itself is also hypoallergenic and safe even for those with severe allergy issues.

  • Deter mold, mildew, and other harmful growths

Properly-finished hardwood is also excellent at resisting microorganisms such as mold and mildew.  These organisms, of course, can be extremely harmful to human health, or even deadly in the case of black mold.  Carpets can easily host mildew if they get wet, without being immediately dried.  Most tile-based flooring, like vinyl tiles, are also susceptible because the spaces between the tiles are perfect for microbial growth.

But hardwood flooring gives you a single edge-to-edge perfectly smooth surface, with no cracks or other breaks which could allow mold to gain a foothold.

  • Quickly clean up messes

If you have children or pets in your home, you know floors can quickly get messy.  In case of any unexpected accidents, hardwood flooring is quick and easy to clean. There's far less chance of unwanted substances being left behind and affecting your family’s health.

As an added bonus, spills and messes on hardwood floors are also easier to spot, so you’ll be able to clean up accidents as they happen. Hardwood flooring truly is a practical, functional feature in any home.

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