How Much Will My Bathroom Renovation Cost?

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How Much Will My Bathroom Renovation Cost?

When people ask us "how much will it cost to renovate my bathroom?" we sometimes have to resist the urge to answer with "How much money do you have?"  The truth is, there's very little consistency in how much bathroom renovations can cost because it really does depend on the materials you use and how much you want done.

A basic remodel could be as low as a couple of thousand dollars if you're using basic "off the shelf" components, and especially if you're doing some of the work yourself.  On the other hand, it could easily get into tens of thousands of dollars for major rework.  Plus, of course, the potential of using luxury materials could push that number endlessly higher.

A good home decor and renovation specialist will work with each client to find out their goals for their new bathroom, as well as their budget, then recommend the best set of upgrades to fit that budget.  So, what factors will determine the price?

What Adds to The Costs of Bathroom Renovations?

1 - How much is being replaced

A very basic bathroom renovation probably involves re-tiling or repainting the walls, replacing the sink, toilet, and shower/tub, and possibly updating the lighting or cabinetry.  This can easily be done for $5,000 or less.  

On the other hand, a full bathroom renovation could involve replacing the tiling on the floor, redoing the plumbing, installing new wiring and LED lighting systems, new heating/cooling systems, and otherwise rebuilding the bathroom from the ground up.  This is when it starts getting expensive - although, of course, a great bathroom can add a lot to a home's value.

2 - Material choices

When it comes down to it, a basic toilet from any random home improvement center will do its job, and it won't cost much.  On the other hand, it'll lack a lot of conveniences.  Likewise, issues such as tiles and countertop materials can absolutely run the gamut in terms of cost.  Basic tiles are cheap; luxury products will cost a premium.

3 - Who's doing the work

Most reasonably capable people could paint their own bathroom walls, or replace a toilet, without too much trouble.  This can really keep basic costs down.  However, if you're looking at major changes - such as redoing the lighting, wiring, or plumbing - you'll almost certainly need to hire a general contractor.  That's going to add a lot to the bill.

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