Kitchen Renovation Tips And Ideas From Custom Decor

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Kitchen Renovation Tips And Ideas From Custom Decor

Having a small kitchen can sometimes make homeowners feel as if their options are limited when it comes to kitchen renovation. This is anything but true though because the materials, textures, styles, and accessories available for smaller spaces are limitless. These tips can help you make smart choices.

Focus on Function and Space

A kitchen renovation is about making smart use of any available space. Start by making sure you have enough space for work and appliances because that’s what a kitchen is for. If you choose scaled-down or innovative appliances, such as pint-sized microwaves and smaller stoves, you can manage function without sacrificing form. Another tip to handle the claustrophobia of a small kitchen is to trade top cupboards for open storage and use shelves, spice holders, pot racks and magnetic knives instead.

Choose Materials Carefully

The right countertop can switch focus from size. Great cabinetry and fixtures can add depth. Mixing samples can add texture and make your kitchen seem more interesting irrespective of how small it is. Use the same colour and style of fixtures and cabinet pulls to unify the look. Also try and incorporate glass wherever possible, because this enhances the feeling of spaciousness or 'negative space'. A strategically placed mirror also helps.

Light Makes a Difference

You may be surprised at how important this is when it comes to kitchen renovation. Simply hanging pendant lights in your eating area can increase the feeling of size. Try incandescent lighting that is more yellowish underneath upper cabinets, increasing the shadowing of space and giving an area greater visual movement. Also, think of light in flooring.

Floors and Colours

when used wisely. As for colours, your choices for counters, walls and even appliances can change the perceived size of your kitchen. Light colours reflect light and draw the eyes upward, while bold colorations can be effective too.

Kitchen Renovation Experts

If you’re looking for ideas, recommendations or advice on kitchen renovations, Custom Decor has remodeled kitchens across Brockville for years and will be more than happy to help. For a free estimate or more information on our services, contact our team today!