Maximize Style and Space in Your Brockville Kitchen

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Maximize Style and Space in Your Brockville Kitchen

Kitchens sometimes feel as if they require a whole lot of prep space, or like they can’t accommodate as many people as you would like them to. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of ingenuity though. A lot of homeowners in Brockville have renovated their kitchens and turned them into warm, comfortable, stylish spaces just by making a few smart choices. With more materials to play with than ever before, you’d be surprised at what you can turn that neglected corner of your home into. Here are a few kitchen renovation ideas that can add a hefty dose of style and space to your kitchen.

Play with ledges and counters

Here are a few questions you should consider asking yourself: How large is the ledge in your kitchen? Will extending it create more space for other things? Will a singular shelf create a dynamic look that also helps hide clutter? What about connecting your kitchen and dining area with a breakfast counter to open up both rooms? How will extra shelves affect the overall look of the room?

Think about appliances and furniture

Yes, appliances are important and helpful. No, they don't need to be on display all the time. Think about a sleek appliance garage or spring-loaded shelves. The kind of furniture you choose can also blend in well with the color. Wicker, for instance, instantly makes space feel more airy. Then there are things like rolling ladders to access ceiling-height cabinets or a movable bar that can be put away when not in use.

Choose the right materials

It's interesting how a high-gloss coating can make a small space feel bigger almost at once. Don't be afraid to experience with lacquers or tiles. Some Brockville kitchens play with copper shelving for in-plain-sight storage. You can also consider a tasteful pot rack or folding doors that transform living rooms into a mini gallery, freeing up more space in your kitchen. The kind of cabinets you choose can also make a huge difference. Tiny cabinets can squeeze in extra storage above windows, for instance, while mirrored glass on cabinet doors can enlarge a small Brockville kitchen by creating the illusion of space.

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