Revitalize Any Space with the Right Window Treatment

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Revitalize Any Space with the Right Window Treatment

Are you thinking of giving your living room a facelift or brightening up your master bedroom with a unique new design? Well, window treatments can be a relatively inexpensive way to add new flair and style to any room of the home. With any change to the decor in your home, gathering some tips to help you get started is important. The team from Custom Decor is here to help!

Here is some insight on how to choose the best window treatments for your home.

What Exactly is a Window Treatment?

Unless you have a bit of interior decorating experience, you might not know exactly what a window treatment is. A window treatment is the covering or modification of a window to enhance its overall aesthetic appearance. This includes adding materials like wood or vinyl, shutters, blinds, shades, curtains or drapery, and more.

3 Window Treatment Tips

1. Give Your Curtains Some Space

If your goal is to open up the room where you’re installing your window treatment and create the appearance of added space, make sure you hang your window curtains high and wide. This will make whatever room you’re renovating appear bigger and more luxurious. Try hanging curtains all the way from the ceiling to the floor, or 12 inches above your window at the very least, if possible.

2. Good Things Come in Layers

Interior decorators rarely only use one layer when it comes to window treatments and there are good reasons why: multiple layers add style, turn your windows into a focal point, and improve insulation. For these reasons, you’ll often find that great window treatments incorporate various components, like curtains or drapes in addition to paneling.

3. Vary Treatments from Room to Room

No room in the house is exactly the same, so why install the same exact window treatments from room to room? A great window treatment isn’t only functional but can add a unique style, making each room of your home stand out. Have a little fun by designing window treatments that are distinct.

Let us be your window treatment experts!

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