The Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovations

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The Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovations

Updating a bathroom is an exciting process where homeowners have the opportunity to create a relaxing, spa-like space fit for their everyday needs. Bathroom renovations may seem relatively straightforward, however, several common mistakes can severely affect the final result. If you are not working on your renovation plans with a professional, it is important to know what to avoid, and what will make your bathroom renovation a success. 

At Custom Decor, we offer a range of beautiful bathroom accessories, appliances, and more. Before you begin your project, read our list of bathroom renovation dos and don’ts. 

Tips for a Successful Bathroom Renovation 

Do: Incorporate multiple lighting options 

There is nothing worse than getting ready for the day in a bathroom where you can barely see yourself in the mirror. Equally as stressful is going to the washroom in the middle of the night only to be greeted with a blinding white light. Depending on the occasion, it is important to have various lighting options to choose from in your bathroom. Setting up a dimming function on your lights is a great way to achieve this. 

Don’t: Forget to install a fan 

Bathrooms are highly susceptible to mold and mildew due to moisture constantly circulating in the air. For this reason, your bathroom needs to be well ventilated so that steam can escape quickly following a hot bath or shower. 

Do: Add storage space 

Modern bathroom designs are usually fairly streamlined, but the minimalist look is not always practical when you are using your bathroom every day. Make sure you have ample storage space for toiletries, cosmetics, and towels by incorporating a vanity, cabinets, shelves, and more. 

Don’t: Select oversized appliances 

Rain showers and soaker tubs may be luxurious, but they will quickly lose their luster if your bathroom is too small to house these large fixtures. Be creative with the amount of space you have and choose appliances that leave enough room to enjoy getting ready in the mirror, bathing, and doing your pre-bed routine. 

Do: Choose practical flooring 

There is a reason why tiles have forever been the top choice for bathroom renovations. This material can withstand frequent water spills, is easy to clean, and will prevent you from slipping after getting out of the shower. Conversely, materials like hardwood will quickly become damaged by excessive moisture and are much more difficult to clean. 

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