Tips for Renovating Small Bathrooms in Brockville

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Tips for Renovating Small Bathrooms in Brockville

You don't need a great deal of space to make something beautiful as well as functional. A lot of home-owners in Brockville think twice about renovating small bathrooms because they believe their options are limited. Choices are actually limited by imagination alone. If you think of your small bathroom in Brockville as a play area just waiting to be effectively utilized, you may surprise yourself. We have a few ideas to make renovating small bathrooms easy and effective, without spending a fortune.

Small is Beautiful

It's not the size of the room but what you put into it that makes a difference. Something as simple as a corner sink instead of a pedestal sink, for instance, can suddenly free up space. Also, reconsider where your vanity is mounted. Place it on the floor and you have more room.

Less can mean More

You can trick the eye into seeing more space than there actually is. If you use a large-scale pattern, it suddenly feels as if space in your small bathroom has expanded. Another thing you can do is expand the mirror by stretching it across a wall. Not only will this allow two people to use it simultaneously, it makes a crowded space seem larger almost at once.

Tweaks and tricks

Here are a few other things that cost very little but can still do a lot for your small bathroom renovation:
  • Ask yourself: Does a corner sink work better across from the toilet or the shower?
  • Glass panels take up a lot less room than shower doors, so consider them.
  • Will using a shower curtain save more space than a glass door?
  • Go for a wall-mounted faucet if possible.
  • While picking a vanity, choose one with fewer shelves, and a rounded one over sharp corners.
  • Try mounting a towel bar on the shower door.

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If you think you have a small bathroom in your Brockville home that could do with a renovation, visit Custom Decor. We have renovated all kinds of bathrooms, and our team of experts will be more than happy to come up with solutions that work for you. Whether it is tiles or lighting, space fixes or accessories, we will make sure you never look at that space the same way again. Contact us and get a free estimate today.