Treat Your Windows This Spring with New Window Treatments!

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Treat Your Windows This Spring with New Window Treatments!

With spring comes spring cleaning... but it can also be a great excuse for a little redecoration!  When's the last time you changed out the drapes, shutters, or other features of your windows?  Maybe it's time to give some of your rooms a new look - by getting new sets of window treatments!

"Window treatments" is a blanket term for any sort of covering or framing for your windows, whether they're functional or beautiful.  Or, better yet, both!  Here are just a few ways you can improve the look and feel of your home by updating your windows.

4 Great Ideas for Spring Window Treatments 

1. Custom drapery

For the ultimate in elegance, custom drapery always impresses.  The drapery fabric can be your choice, or it can be chosen by an expert home designer to perfectly match your aesthetic.  Either way, custom drapes will look great from within the room, as well as from the curb.  Plus, they can be a great selling point if you ever put your house on the market.

2. Roman shades

Roman shades - a form of pull-up blind - are another classic cloth-based option, which can be matched to any room of the house.  These can entirely cover windows, adding an extra layer of privacy, but they can also be fully raised.  Cord-less options are available as well, which makes them a good choice for children's rooms, or places where pets might otherwise have too much fun with a pull cord.

3. Wooden blinds

Wood or faux-wood blinds are a good option for making rooms feel warm and inviting, or for adding a slightly rustic feel.  Being solid, they are excellent for blocking out light, and also make a good choice for AV rooms or in areas of the house which typically get a lot of sunlight.  With a variety of paints and finishes available, there are options in wooden blinds to fit any look.

4. Valences

Valences are non-moving partial shades which go over the top of a window, adding a touch of beauty.  They are particularly nice in the kitchen or other rooms where you want to have plenty of natural light at all times.  The fabric can, of course, be chosen to fit your own tastes and decoration.

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