What Types of Window Treatments Would Be Best for Your Brockville Home?

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What Types of Window Treatments Would Be Best for Your Brockville Home?

Window treatments are a hot topic in home design, and a great finishing touch to make any room just a bit more special.  Window treatments cover pretty much any kind of additional accessory around or over your windows, including drapes, shades, or slats.  Doors can have window dressings too if they're French doors or similar designs with a lot of window space.

So, what kind of window treatments should go into your Brockville home?  Here are some of the most popular options.

Three Types of Window Treatments That Could Complete Your Brockville Home

1 - Curtains and drapes

Curtains are the classic window treatment, and they always bring a touch of class to a window or windowed door.  Elegant, yet soft and inviting, curtains create a framework that turns your outside view into a piece of art.  They're more likely to be left open, rather than closed.

They're beautiful, but they're perhaps not the best for privacy or light control.  All but the thickest of drapes will let a lot of light in and allow some visibility inside.  That said, they can also be combined with other privacy-focused options - like blinds - if you want the best of both worlds.

2 - Blinds

Blinds are the more practical option.  Typically made of plastic or wood, the slats in blinds are excellent at light control, and can completely block the view in or out of a room.  Blinds are typically seen in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other places where privacy is important.

However, blinds don't have to be purely utilitarian.  They can be beautiful as well, such as woven wood or bamboo blinds, or painted to match the overall color scheme in your room.

3 - Roman shades 

Roman shades are a combination of curtains and blinds.  They're typically made of woven fabric but are attached to strings and can be raised or lowered in a way similar to blinds.  They can also incorporate woven fabrics, giving a truly artistic touch to your windows.

The only major downside to roman shades is the cost - they're usually among the most expensive window treatments you can choose, due to how much work goes into their creation.  However, if you invest in roman shades, you're unlikely to be disappointed.

Learn About Window Treatments in Brockville

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