What's The Best Order of Actions When Doing a Kitchen Renovation?

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What's The Best Order of Actions When Doing a Kitchen Renovation?

The prospect of a kitchen renovation can be exciting - but also overwhelming due to the number of steps involved.  Most of the time, your best course of action is to hire kitchen renovation specialists to handle the job. 

However, if you're trying to do the renovation yourself, here's the best order in which various tasks should be done.

1 - Planning and ordering

Never start a kitchen renovation without knowing your goals!  You should have a clear plan for your new kitchen and have all the new fixtures and appliances ordered before you start work.

2 - Demolition 

While it is possible to do kitchen renovations on an ad-hoc piece-by-piece basis, this will ultimately be more costly and time-consuming.  If you're redoing the whole kitchen, it really is best to rip out everything and start from scratch.  

3 - Rough-in work, wiring, and plumbing

Next, you should focus on everything that goes inside the walls: the framework, the wiring, and the plumbing.  DO NOT attempt to do your own wiring or plumbing!  Even if you're doing the job DIY otherwise, you genuinely need professionals to handle those.  Because next comes...

4 - The city inspection

Nearly all cities and other municipalities require a home to be re-inspected whenever major upgrades are done - particularly to the wiring and plumbing.  This is why you want pros handling this part of the renovation.  If the new work doesn't pass inspection, you'll have a lot of new problems.

5 - Finish the walls

Once the plumbing and wiring are installed and inspected, it's time to close off the walls with drywall or whatever other materials you plan to use.

6 - Install doors and windows

After the walls come the doors and windows.  You want these in good working order, so they'll keep dust and debris away.  The only exception here is if you have especially large appliances on order, like a double fridge, which might struggle to make it through a door.

7 - Cabinets, fixtures, and appliances

Next, it's time to start installing all those awesome new upgrades you have!  The best order to do this is cabinetry, then the plumbing fixtures, and finally the appliances.

8 - What about the flooring?

Depending on your plans, you might want to install flooring before you put in the major appliances or save it until the end.  This will mostly depend on what materials you're using, and whether the new appliances will be sitting on top of them.

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