Bathroom Countertops

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Bathroom Countertops and Vanity Tops

Choosing a bathroom countertop can be one of the easier decisions to make in regards to bathroom renovations. Since it is a smaller surface, there is more room to spend more money on a higher quality surface material. In our showroom we provide samples of laminate, quartz, Corian, granite and marble for countertops. Choosing a surface that is easy to clean and durable through moisture is crucial and we can help you make that decision.


Laminate is a budget friendly option for countertops that can be versatile for any look. We provide a variety of colours and textures to choose from that can mimic the appearance of natural and engineered stone. This alternative product has its pros and its cons, so the end use and the desired look can determine whether this is the best option for your bathroom.


Laminate Laminate Laminate Laminate



Corian, known as a solid surface, is a man-made product that can be the ideal solution for your bathroom. It can be installed with a seamless appearance in styles and colours that are neutral or bold, no matter what style you are seeking. Corian, being a non-porous material, is easy to clean and is also easy to repair if scratched.


Corian Corian Corian





A masterpiece in itself, granite provides a one of a kind look in each slab. This natural stone can be a focal point if maintained properly. Granite is a high end product that can increase the value of your home. This countertop is a first rate investment when renovating and our professionals can help you find the right one.


Granite Granite Granite Masterpiece


Interstone Centre Stone



Quartz is an engineered product that can be comparable to granite. This countertop provides an array of designs that can range from small speckles to large veining that can mimic the characteristics of a natural stone. Some quartz products are made with recycled glass and reflective flecks that can give your countertops a sparkle creating a focal point to any space.


Quartz Quartz Quartz Quartz Quartz Quartz
Cambria Caesar Stone Sileston Santamargherita Zenith Quartz HanStone