Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Of course, all home renovation projects take time, patience, and money, however, the one area you want to get right from the onset is your kitchen remodel. There are many common mistakes that homeowners make when upgrading their kitchens that can be both extremely costly to fix and waste massive amounts of time and energy to alter. Read on for some tips on avoiding these trouble areas so that your Brockville kitchen renovation project can run as smoothly as possible. 


Aisle Size

One of the most common errors that many make when it comes to kitchen renovation is underestimating how much space will be comfortable in kitchen aisles. Particularly if you’re thinking of installing an island, the aisles need to be wide enough for multiple cooks to maneuver around each other and carry dishes comfortably. The suggested distance between islands, walls, and appliances that form these kitchen aisles is between 42 to 48 inches wide. 


Storage Space

There are so many different and incredible storage options available, and with your kitchen remodel, you have the ability to add some serious upgrades to your storage systems. Make sure your storage upgrades account for a vast range of size differences, and that you have ample space for storing larger appliances such as a rice maker or an Instant Pot, along with the regular storage of cutlery, pots, and pans. 



When working with a larger kitchen, one thing that many don’t take into account is the best way to make your space usage efficient. You don’t want to constantly be running from one end of the kitchen to the other while you’re in the middle of making a meal, or end up with a ton of empty unused space that looks sparse and neglected. Designing your kitchen with cooking in mind and adapting your space to include features such as breakfast nooks are a great way to ensure your big kitchen feels cozy and used rather than crowded or empty. 


Small Space Planning

For those individuals with smaller kitchens, there are many amazing hacks you can use to ensure you’re still getting the features you need with your space. For example, substituting an island for a peninsula can help give you similar features while taking up less room. Also making sure you’re fully taking advantage of the height of your space when it comes to storage so floors and counters can remain as clear as possible will help maximize the space you do have in your kitchen. 


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