Top Ten Bathroom Renovation Trends In Brockville

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Top Ten Bathroom Renovation Trends In Brockville

Renovating a bathroom isn't about tearing things down and putting in new materials. The smart way is to consider why something needs to be changed, evaluate what could make a difference and then consider options. A lot of bathroom renovations in Brockville now use innovative approaches to make these spaces special. Here are some of the top trends that have emerged recently.

1. Tips from the Old World

There has been a lot of Mediterranean-inspired design appearing in bathroom renovations across Brockville. This look, inspired by ancient countries like Portugal, Spain, and Morocco, effortlessly combines charming hand-painted detail with modern material to create something that feels timeless yet contemporary. Some bathrooms now use mosaic tiles, for example.

2. Storage before style

Space should be utilized wisely. Cabinets in vertical spaces, for instance, give you more room instantly. If cabinets don’t work, smaller pieces of furniture might, which is why bathroom renovations in Brockville also benefit from expert advice.  

3. Go with the classics

Some things never go out of style, like white subway tiles with dark grout. They are also less likely to get stained and can offset other changes with ease.

4. Function makes a difference

Accessories matter. Showers, toilets, floating vanities, and faucets all offer options that can combine style with function.

5. More warmth

This is a literal design change that can be made by adding heated floors, electric mats or towel warmers, all at a surprisingly low cost.

6. Bring in entertainment

More and more bathroom renovations in Brockville now involve bringing in speakers, audio devices and docking stations for entertainment, or products that incorporate these devices into vanities and showerheads.

7. Better showers

You can now pick water jets, steam showers with multiple showerheads or body sprays for your bathroom renovation.

8. Play with tiles

These don’t have to be staid and boring, not with the kind of options now available in Brockville. Choose from fun patterns, circles, and even three-dimensional tiles to make a statement.

9. Don’t ignore lighting

Imagine a chandelier in your bathroom, or lit pendants, or a combination of low lights for the vanity with a classic lamp.

10. Looking to the future

Some bathrooms in Brockville are now adding ventless fire features, while others are making them pet-friendly with washing zones and built-in kitty litter boxes.

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