Things to Consider Before You Renovate Your Brockville Bathroom

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Things to Consider Before You Renovate Your Brockville Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are one of the most exciting and intimidating home renovation projects that a homeowner can embark on. However, the thought and consideration you put into the project will ultimately be more than worth it. Remodeling your bathroom will not only help your living situation be more comfortable and satisfying but also go a long way in upping the resale value of your home. Before you get started on your bathroom renovations in Brockville, there are a few key things you should take into consideration. 


Design for Accessibility

You want to ensure that your new bathroom has some excellent built-in accessibility features that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This will ensure that any aging visitors have the support they need in your space, as well as be a great highlight for when the time comes to sell. Features such as wide doorways, handheld showers, grab bars, and easy-to-grip faucets will all go a long way to ensuring your new bathroom is both safe and comfortable for anyone who might use it.


Vents and Airflow

One of the most crucial aspects to take into account when working on your bathroom renovation is the venting and airflow. Your bathroom should absolutely have a fan, and the noise the fan creates can range depending on the needs of that specific bathroom. For example, if the bathroom is in a more public area close to the living room or dining room then a louder fan to block out noise is always a good bet. If it’s attached to a shared bedroom, then an ultra-quiet fan will help ensure no one is woken up in the middle of the night from a bathroom visit. 


Upgrade Your Wiring

While you’re in the process of your bathroom renovation, don’t forget to take a good look at your wiring situation and search for improvements. Upgrading to a 20-amp circuit and adding on additional outlets can help ensure that all of your bathroom necessities from hair straightener to electronic toothbrush are easily able to connect at once and won’t blow a fuse. 


Splurge on the Extras

What’s a bathroom renovation without splurging on a few wish list upgrades? While it might not be feasible to purchase them all at once, including some exciting amenities such as floor warmers, a Jacuzzi tub, or even upgrading your vanity lighting will all go a long way to make sure your bathroom is the paradise you’ve been dreaming of.


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